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How to make website for maintenance and service?

How to make a website for maintenance and service?

With Wix, more than 171 million people worldwide carry their business to the Internet. Wix offers users the ability to create an SEO-friendly website in the fastest and most practical way. You can provide maintenance or service for any sector and need a website. So how do I get a website on Google that can be found on the first pages? In this article, we will examine this issue. Learn how to set up a web site for maintenance or service. Please note, you do not need to know the coding to create your website with Wix, you can set up your web site as it creates social media account with drag and drop method. You can easily integrate your social media accounts into your website. Website how-to image and video narration. Make your own website.

How to make website for maintenance and service?
How to make website for maintenance and service?

Here are some sectors where you can create websites for maintenance or service with Wix;

Website for construction company

Website for Carpenter

Website for glass wiping company

Website for flooring work

Website for car garage

Website for the shipping company

Website for home improvement

Web site for repairman

Website for super freight forwarding company

Website for plumber

Web site for cleaning service

Website for carpet washing and cleaning

Website for Locksmith

Cleaning company website

Web site for dry cleaning

Home decoration company website

Website for car wash service

Website for Auto Repair Shop

You can easily create a website for any maintenance and service other than those sectors. All you need to do is create a website with Wix ADI (Wix artificial design intelligence) or edit Wix's ready website templates. Wix offers you the possibility of creating websites with 2 options for your esteemed users.

Now let's learn this step by step.

1. Wix ADI (Wix artificial design intelligence) to create a maintenance and service website.

After 30 seconds Wix subscriber, when you choose Wix ADI with website installation, the Wix system will ask you for some information. You must write this information as requested. Then, you can create your website by pressing a single key. You can become a Wix subscriber by clicking here.

Example website installation;

Yes, we have created our website with Wix ADI automatically.

2. Create a ready website with Wix editor

With Wix Editor, you can translate ready website templates created by the Wix website design team to the target country language in minutes. You can have the page on Google by making your website SEO settings step by step.

For example, installing a plumber website;

It is so easy to create a maintenance and service website with Wix.

If you want your website and business to be on the first pages on Google, we strongly recommend that you create a Google business register. This way your website will appear on the first page in local Google searches. You can click here to register my business in Google.

Making the SEO settings for the web site you created with Wix is ​​quite simple. With the Wix SEO wizard, after creating your web site pages, you can see all your shortcomings by doing a little scan. In the last step, you can send your website to Google.

Web site prices

You can use 2-year, 1-year, or monthly payment options to own a Wix website. After you create a Web site, you need to have a domain. If you make an annual payment, the Wix system will give you 1 year of the free domain. Also, the Google Adwords voucher worth $100 is again a gift to you. Please note that when you purchase a Wix premium package, you are entitled to a 14-day trial period. Within 14 days, you can withdraw your payment at any time.

To subscribe to Wix in 30 seconds, click here. Or you can click on the image.


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