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How to make a website for free? 



Yes, as you can understand from the title, we will introduce a website that will help you if you think about making a professional website for free.

 This webpage will be worth of hundreds of likes, it will be stunning, you won’t be able to separate it from all of the other web pages that tens of software engineers have worked on, or maybe even better than them. All you have to do is to sign up to WiX, then create a membership easily. 
















What is Wix?


Wix has probably come across to you while you were watching videos online on Youtube. Or, you may have never heard of it.
Wix is a successful website maker for people who want to create an astonishing website free of charge.
It is a website that offers hundreds of websites prepared by different designers and programmers in a free format for you. 
To create a webpage with Wix, you do not need any design, graphic or coding skills, everything is ready, you only need to take and drop.

Go to Wix now, get a membership for yourself and have a professional website in only 5 minutes!


You need only your internet connection for being a member of Wix. Go to Wix and take the first step in creating a webpage for your business. 
As a first step, you should click on ‘Sign up’ button you see on the right side of the webpage. After that, you will be asked for an email address and a strong password. After entering this information, you’ll see lots of templates in front of you and you will have to make a selection of hundreds of templates ready-made for you.




You may wonder why to choose this website instead of dozens of other. There are lots of reasons for that. To give an example:
this website editor has made about 500 stunning templates, 
more than 250 application for you 

 you are given hundreds of educational videos to make you understand how to create free websites.  
Other than that, you can get your website’s app that will allow your clients to easily keep up. 
In addition, Wix gives you secure and free hosting.
In case you have any questions this website offers you a 7/24 support. You can even call us on phone!



 Wix offers an unlimited number of pages, 500 hundred templates and a website dedicated to you free of charge. We charge you a certain amount of money for features such as uploading an unlimited number of photos and videos to your site, getting a fully personalized domain name, not seeing your Wix ads, and others. Important to note that there are packages for every budget, and of course there are features you can use free of charge.

How to make website free 
Free web site builder
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