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How to make a website for eCommerce?

How to make a website for eCommerce?

eCommerce website builder

eCommerc website builder

Firstly, nowadays, the internet gives us everything we need. Let’s say, if you are thinking of buying an olive oil online, you have to go to the sites selling it, compare the prices and order the one you want.
user-friendly website for such reasons is easy now since you have an eCommerce website builder called Wix from abroad.  You may, now, buy Wix premium memberships to make your web pages more beautiful and easy to edit. In case you get more than one product from Wix, you can pay the charge little at a time, instead of paying for everything.


Anyone who is dealing with online business in the world is curious about what is the best website builder? Now we will find out with you the answer to this question. What do we need to do online store business? How to use eCommerce website builder We can start now.

First of all, we have to find out what sector and what products we will prepare a website for. We will then follow these steps, respectively. How to make an eCommerce website step by step with pictures.




Before you start, you can subscribe to Wix eCommerce by click here or by click on the image. Trying is completely free.



















1. Determine the website name

2. Choose the e-commerce website builder (my recommendation is Wix eCommerce application)

3. Create website pages and place products

4. Carefully arrange Website SEO settings and SEO tips

5. Create the Privacy and Terms of Use page.

6. Buy a permanent domain that is relevant to the sector you are doing business with.

7. Publish original articles about your services or products you will sell.


These 7 titles will be our primary headlines.


Remember that important information, in order to create a successful eCommerce website, the original content is very important. Google and other search engines place great importance on the original content. Your ranking in Google and other search engines is determined accordingly. If you do not have time to prepare a detailed website, do not waste your time. Creating a successful eCommerce website or online store requires patience and diligence.

You should provide the people with information about the products you want to sell. or if you are offering a service, you should give details about this service to people carefully. For an eCommerce site, SEO infrastructure is very important, the next step is to know how to use social media effectively.

now let's start with the first title.


Step 1


You should find a catchy name and a nice slogan for the website.


I want to give an example;


best website builder (website name)

Easily create your website! (website slogan)


Yeah, we found the website name.


Step 2


Which is the best website builder? There are companies that have developed many website builder apps around the world.


My recommendation is the Wix website builder.


Why do I recommend Wix?


Because Wix is a platform for creating a website that has proven itself in the world. 129 million users have reached Wix. And it provides packaged website packages with a drag-and-drop method for users who do not know how to do website creation.

With Wix, you have 2 options to create an eCommerce website.


1. You can use prepped website templates.


2. With Wix ADI you can easily build a website.


Let's examine these two options now.

1. Create an eCommerce website using prepared website template


Prepared website template and website preparation option is a great choice. Wix works with the world's best website designers. With hundreds of website templates, you can set up any website you want. All Wix website templates are SEO friendly. Using Google and user-friendly website templates will always give you an advantage. Now let's see how to build the website step by step.

With Wix website templates you can make your online store website using drag and drop method.

Step 1


Select the option to create an eCommerce website with the Wix editor from Wix's methods of preparing your website.

create an eCommerce website with the Wix editor
create an eCommerce website with the Wix editor

Step 2


Wix will ask you questions before you show the templates. Follow these steps one by one.

eCommerce website templates

Step 3


Select the website template you like most and start editing with the drag and drop method.

drag and drop website builder

Step 4


You should create categories for your website. And you can do SEO settings on these pages with care.

eCommerce website SEO settings
eCommerce website SEO settings

Step 5


Edit your online shop. Add the visuals of your products here, giving details about your products.

Edit your online shop
Edit your online shop
Edit your online shop
Edit your online shop
Edit your online shop
Edit your online shop

2nd option to create an eCommerce website with Wix ADI artificial design intelligence

Step 1


Wix will ask you for information about your online store website. Add this information step by step in complete detail.

create an eCommerce website with Wix
create an eCommerce website with Wix
create an eCommerce website with Wix
create an eCommerce website with Wix
create an eCommerce website with Wix
create an eCommerce website with Wix

Step 2


In this step, Wix ADI will automatically create an eCommerce website for you. Click Start and wait only a few minutes.

create an eCommerce website with Wix
create an eCommerce website with Wix ADI
create an eCommerce website with Wix
create an eCommerce website with Wix
create an eCommerce website with Wix

Step 3


In this step, edit, create your eCommerce website pages.

create your eCommerce website pages

Step 4

Make eCommerce website SEO adjustments carefully.

eCommerce website SEO adjustments

Step 5

Edit the product and service parts of your eCommerce website.

Edit the product and service parts of your eCommerce website

That's all that simple.

How to connect domain your eCommerce website?

First of all, your domain name SEO and search engine ranking of your website will be very effective. The most important thing is to produce original content. you should pay attention when choosing a domain name.


1. Do not buy a domain name that is too long.


2. If possible, specify a domain name that is relevant to your business, your service, or the products you want to sell.


3. When buying a domain should not be among the words (-)


4. You can easily connect your domain to your eCommerce website as follows.

How to connect domain your eCommerce website?

Wix eCommerce website builder prices

Wix eCommerce website builder prices

Wix offers you the possibility to pay monthly. You can pay for 1 year or 2 years if you want.

If you buy Wix eCommerce package, you will get the 1-year free domain. You'll also receive a Google AdWords gift of $ 100.

You can subscribe to the Wix eCommerce program by click here.

eCommerce website SEO settings  SEO tips

Everyone dreams of having a website that gets a lot of user traffic while creating an online shop website. In order to get a lot of traffic from Google and other search engines, you need to design your website very well.


As a 7-year SEO specialist, I can proudly offer you the following methods.

1. You need an SEO work for each website. For this SEO work, you can get paid help from professional SEO experts. Or you can be your own website SEO expert with Wix SEO wizard application!


Wix SEO wizard is an application you need to run after completing your eCommerce website. It is very simple to use. It is a perfect application for Wix engineers. With the Wix SEO wizard, you can easily configure the SEO settings of your web pages. Once the program has crawled your website, it will show you where it is missing and offer you suggestions. You also do not need to use the Google search console.


Wix SEO wizard will automatically send your site sitemap to Google.

eCommerce website SEO settings  SEO tips
eCommerce website SEO settings  SEO tips

Step 2 Prepare promotional contents about your products and services.


The most important thing for a website is content. Now you ask yourself,


- How well can I promote a product or service?


You can add a very long article to your product panel. But this article should be equipped with enough information and proportionate keyword.


The Wix blog plugin is just for you. With the Wix Blog extension, you can create perfect articles for your products or services.

Prepare promotional contents about your products and services

Before you start preparing your promotional material, you need to find the most searched keywords on Google for your products or services on your website.


You should write 400 or 2000 words. If you do not want a very long article on your product panel, write a long article on the product with Wix Blog, and mention what the product or service is. Then at the end of this article, you can add a redirect link to your store page. If the user who has come to the article in this way is influenced by the article or thinks he has found it, he will click on the link and go to the product page.


Google has 2 ways to find the most searched words.


* Search on Google

* Use the Google AdWords keywords planner

Use the Google AdWords keywords planner
Use the Google AdWords keywords planner

Using the Adwords keyword planner is simple. Write your website domain in the next step and add relevant keywords to your site and you will be presented with the most searched words in the last 12 months.


Click here to sign up for Google Adwords.

Step 3 Social media signals


Create a page or account for your website on the world's largest social media platform. If you have few followers, share every new page and product you have added to your website from these accounts.


Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo.


Add the domain of your social media accounts to your homepage.

Prepare videos about your products or services and upload these videos to Youtube. In the next step, add the website address below this Youtube video. In this way, you will gain natural backlinks.

Step 4 Create a Google my business account.

Open a Google my business account is very simple. Once you have added your website and company information, you can approve your website, add your address and contact information. Share all the pages and products you've added to your website in the "POST" section.

With Google my business you get backlinks via Google maps. In addition, people in your location can visit your website.

Create a Google my business account

5. Use Wix app store

With Wix app store you can add very nice icons or animations to your websiten. These add-ons will enable Google to love your website.

done safely!

Wix app store

6. Alt text

As you know, most people search by typing when they search on Google. But especially those who want to shop online will make a "Google visual" search. You need to add photo sub-labels so that the products on your eCommerce website appear on Google.

I want to give an example;


If you are selling a chair, and there is a chair in the product picture, write the photo name as '' chair ''.

Alt text
How to edit Alt text in website

7. Use the Site booster App

Site booster is one of Wix's most popular applications. When you add your website booster information to your site booster, you will automatically appear in the company information digests of the world's leading search engines and websites.

Site booster

8. Use the Google search console


With the Fetch as Google service, whenever you add a page or product to your website, you can call Google bots on your site.

How to use the Google search console You can click here to find out.

9. Do not use copy content!


Google and other search engines always want to post original content. Do not copy articles from a website that is in the same industry as you. If you do, your website will never approach the first page on Google. Even '' Manual operation '' can be done. Google will penalize sites that generate duplicate and copy content, and your website extensions will be removed from Google.

10. If you're using Google Adwords, make your "negative keywords" settings



When you run ads with Google AdWords, many keywords will accumulate in the negative keywords section. these words may be irrelevant to your website. Remove these keywords by detecting them. That way you'll be protecting your advertising budget.

Yes, you are now ready to create an eCommerce website! I recommend you use Wix ADI. For more information about Wix ADI, you can watch this video from Wix company's CEO Avishai Abrahimi.

You can click here to start to create eCommerce website with Wix.

Wix sign up

Please do not forget,


The way to build an effective and successful website is to feed your site with original content. Your website is like a plant. You have to care for a plant to grow it, you have to give water to the plant.


Website = plant


Water = Original content + social media sharing + natural backlink


It's that easy to create an SEO-Friendly website. If you follow the steps I've mentioned and created a website, you can be successful. Whenever you need help, you can contact me via the contact form.


I'm always here to give you free support. Now you know what is the best website builder and eCommerce website builder.


Emre Ata certified Wix expert and webmaster


SEO expert

website seo tips
wix trainer
Emre Ata Wix expert
How to build eCommerce website
wix webmaster


Nowadays, the websites are being sold by credit cards. Some websites are not secure, which make a client doubt when making a payment.
Wix avoids this kind of problems.
With the help of Wix, getting the products in installments on your credit card by using Wix is very secure. So, you may enjoy your shopping without any fears.
 We are sure of that because we have an SSL Secure Payment. This feature allows you to use your credit card comfortably. It keeps your information secure and it does not allow any third person to reach it. That is how, thanks to SSL Secure Payment, you shop safely and comfortably.



All the products and packages you buy with eCommerce website are safe for 14 days. When you make a payment, the system keeps your money for 14 days, in case you regret buying it later. Two weeks is pretty enough for you to fully decide on whether you want the specific feature or not.


Do you worry about not having a suitable card to make the payment with? Don’t!
In order to make shopping easier, Wix lets you use MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network credit cards and American Express. You can get the product of your choice instantly. 
You may, at the same time, install them in order to not have to pay for the product you have bought but to pay by dividing the payroll related to Wix options. 
If you want to get the products for a better improvement of your website and to get easy to use features, will provide you with installment options that are customer friendly.
Do not worry, Wix will get it

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