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Create a website

How to create a website?

How to create a free website?

Are you in need of a beautifully designed, how to create a website, professional, and free website for your business or yourself? Wix is always happy to fulfill this need free of any charge! And the steps of getting this job done are very simple and easy to make. 
If you, too, want a creative, accurately designed, eye-catching, and at the same time productive and Professional, easily made website, then you are in the right place! You will check


What is Wix useful for? gives quality service and that gives lots of opportunities to anyone. Creating a website in Wix is very easy, and the most important thing is that it does not require you the knowledge of any coding, graphic design, highly advanced computer skills and etc. 


Wherever you are, like in London, Barcelona, Seattle – it doesn’t matter, your website will be ready in just a few clicks!
How to make a personal website? How to do web design? With Wix Best Website Builder

Do you want to make a free website?

There are lots of ways to open the webpage. Some people spend days and nights on the website that they are trying to make on their own, using lots of coding, design skills; others pay a huge amount of money to web designers, some try to use the templates downloaded from the Internet. Wix, however, doesn’t require much of your time, effort, or even skills!
There are a lot of features of Wix, that help you to make websites in just a few steps using ready-made templates for you, to make an eye-catching and well-done web design. And all of it is very easy.

What are the important features of Wix? 

There are lots of features of Wix, but here are the main ones:
Wix has an easily used editor that helps to design the web page without any coding needed.


Free hosting keeps the web page safe at all times


There is a possibility to develop your website with mobile apps.

Wix has over 500 accurately designed templates, suiting every type of website.

Millions of high-resolution images. 

A chance to fix the important items on the screen, so that visitors can see them when Rolling up and down.

Parallax 3D effects make your site look more beautiful and attention-grabbing.

In order to add your personal features, you can use your special code of HTML.

An opportunity to have protected pages


Making blogs


With keywords and other search content, you can make it easy to find your webpage thanks to the SEO Wizard of Wix.

A chance to get the mobile application of personal or business website

A chance to manage the customers from the same place

An opportunity to pay a little and in an easy way using any debit card to have more beautiful and in handy websites.

Wix lets you promote your web page with the help of Eventbrite.

Wix gives you support and hand of help at any time of the day.

There are lots of educational videos to help you through the process of making a web page in Wix.

How to create a website
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