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How to create an SEO friendly Website ?

Everyone wants to own an SEO-friendly website. What is an SEO-Friendly website? In this article, we will see how to create a website with the drag-and-drop method, how to make a successful website that is suitable for search engines' rules. First of all, we need to find the most suitable SEO-friendly website builder. Everything is possible with a user-friendly website builder with a code structure that conforms to Google standards.

What is a Seo-friendly website?


Seo friendly website; If a website has the code structure appropriate to the rules of Google and other search engines, then this is an SEO-friendly website


First, let's learn how to create a website.


First, let's sort it out.


1. Website name
2. Seo friendly website builder
3. A domain that conforms to the Seo rules
4. Seo-friendly articles
5. Seo-friendly website images


My recommendation is the Wix website builder. Wix ADI (With Wix artificial design intelligence, you can have SEO-friendly websites in minutes)


Wix is a great company that has 171 million users on the planet and allows you to create Google-friendly websites. Wix offers users the opportunity to own excellent websites with drag and drop.

You can click here to subscribe to Wix for free and try it now.

















Now let's start ;


1. Website name & domain

When building an SEO-friendly website, we should definitely take care of our website name and domain name. Google and other search engines place great importance on website content. But our website name is very important.


* Very long domain names are not SEO friendly. Google attaches more importance to short names.


* Your domain must contain a name that is relevant to your sector. If you are creating a website about a personal website or brand, you should pay great attention to your content.


I want to give an example; (this is a short and understandable domain) (this is a domain name that is too long and not SEO-friendly)


* Do not use in the website name and the domain name  > (-).


If you are creating an e-commerce website, be sure to include a keyword to domain and site name that is relevant to your industry or service


If you have a short domain name (it may be a brand name), you should include many SEO-friendly articles about your industry on your website to get top ranking on Google.


I want to give an example; is very short domain names, but in 100 countries worldwide on Google, almost 'website builder' 'in the keyword appears on the first page. Because it contains many original articles about your industry. This is related to keyword density. I will inform you later in this article about this topic.

2. Website builder

There are many website builders in the world. But my advice to you is Wix. Because it provides Wix users with the best SEO-friendly website very fast.


Now, let's learn step by step how to create an SEO-friendly website


Before creating an SEO friendly website with Wix, the Wix system will give you 2 options.


1. Wix ADI (Wix artificial design intelligence)


2. Wix editor ready to use SEO friendly website template





Let's start with the SEO-friendly website templates first.

Let's start with the SEO-friendly website templates first.

First, the Wix system will ask for your website name.

how to make seo friendly website

In step 2 you will ask which sector you want to create an SEO-friendly website.

how to make seo friendly website

In step 3, you can choose the most appropriate SEO-friendly website template. All of the Wix website templates are SEO-friendly and are prepared by the most talented web designers in the world.

how to make seo friendly website

In step 4. Yes, your website is ready and we can start editing using the drag and drop method.

how to make seo friendly website

Now let's learn how to create an SEO-friendly website with Wix ADI


 Please fill out the information fields completely.

how to make seo friendly website
how to make seo friendly website

If you add a logo to Wix ADI, your website can automatically adjust your design according to your logo colors.

how to make seo friendly website
how to make seo friendly website
how to make seo friendly website
how to make seo friendly website
how to make seo friendly website
how to make seo friendly website
how to make seo friendly website

SEO settings for a website

In step 1, set the menu bar with the Website categories.

website seo settings

At step 2, you must add the social media accounts you have created for your website to the home page of your website individually. You can use the Wix App Market applications for this.

website seo settings

In step 3, Wix drag-and-drop ready-to-use website templates will give you auto-generated ready-made categories and pages. You need to create pages related to your business or your service and add them to your website.

website seo settings

In step 4, you need to fully configure the SEO settings for each category and page you have created. This is very important. Because Google and other search engines will understand what your website page is related to looking at these SEO settings.

website seo settings

In step 5, it's very important that your Website pages and categories are related to some keywords.


I want to give an example;


As you can see visually, I've searched for keywords related to keywords, '' Best website builder ''. You can use the Google Adwords keyword planner to do this.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner will show you the most searched words related to your website and your business for you. All you need to do is build the categories and pages of your website on the most searched keywords related to your business or service. Click here and open your Google Adwords account.

website seo settings

In step 6, you must share all the pages on your website, and any new articles you add to your social media accounts. In this way, you will send social signals from Google and other search engines. That way you will know how active your Google website is.


Please remember, Google likes websites that are constantly updated and contain new content.

website seo settings

Step 7 You need to create a Google my business account. Google's business page will allow your website to appear on the first page in Google maps and related categories. You need to share every new page and every news article you post on your website as a'' post '' here. You can click here to open Google my business account.

website seo settings

Step 8. For every image you add to your website, you should definitely add a '' Alt text ''. This alt tag will help Google understand what the images on your website are about. This way you can see it in Google visual searches. This way people may come to your website after they have made a visual search.

website seo settings

Step 9. This section is very important for your SEO-friendly website. Wix, the SEO friendly website creator, presents Seo Wizard application to you. This application will scan your whole website and show you the missing SEOs. This way you can sneak SEO settings for each page.

website seo settings

Wix SEO wizard is very easy to use application. First, add 5 related keywords to your website and the program will do the rest.

Wix Seo wizard

As you have seen visually, the Wix SEO wizard will show you what you are missing and will help you to complete it. This way you will not have to pay an SEO specialist.

Wix Seo wizard

Once you've done all the work with the Wix SEO wizard, you'll be able to automatically submit your website and sitemap to Google. This way you will not need to use the Google search console.

But you should use the Google search console. With the '' Fetch as Google '' action, you can invite your Google bot to your website whenever you add a new page to your website, or if you write a new article. Click here and open your Google search console account.




Step 10. Your sitemap to Google is sent with the Wix SEO Wizard. But you should send your sitemap to search engines like Bing and Yandex. If you do this, you can get organic visitors from other search engines.

seo firendly webite builder
seo firendly webite builder

Step 11. You should pay attention to the h1, h2, h3 tags when adding text to your website. These settings automatically adjust the Wix editor. You simply type your article.

seo firendly webite builder

Step 12. You must add blogs to your website. You can prepare wonderful and unique articles with this blog. Please note, Google and other search engines will give more value to their blog hosting websites.

How t open wix blog

Step 13. It is important to identify high-volume keywords that are searched while writing a blog article. You can see how popular a keyword is on Google on the first page by searching the industry related to your article. The sentence you are searching for becomes '' best website builder ''. As you can see visually, the most searched words related to '' best website builder '' keywords appear at the bottom of the page. We must use these words and phrases when writing articles. Our target keywords that you should write 3 or 4 times in an article. If you use excessive keywords, Google may penalize you. Also, if your keyword is bold, colored, or italicized in your article, it will make the job of Google robots easier.

seo firendly webite builder

Step 14. You created an SEO friendly website. You made social media shares for social signals. But you need a natural backlink. For this, you can use the program named '' Site booster ''. This program, which you can find on the Wix app market, will add your website to many search engines around the world and important websites. This way you can gain more organic visitors.

how to use site booster

You can watch this video on Wix website SEO settings.

If you buy Wix premium package, you will get 1-year free domain and 100 dollar Google Adwords gift voucher.

Wix premium prices

Wix cost

to subscribe to Wix and try it now for free. Please remember, you can create free websites with Wix.

seo firendly webite builder

I always present this example to people.


Creating an SEO friendly website is similar to growing a plant.



This is your website (Wix)

seo firendly webite builder

These are your unique and unique articles.

seo firendly webite builder

If you have added these articles to your website, you will earn an index on Google and other search engines.

seo firendly webite builder

As a result, these original articles return to you as organic visitors.

seo firendly webite builder

Good luck

Emre Ata certified Wix expert and webmaster

To summarize;

SEO Compatible Web Site

The main purpose of an SEO-friendly website, Google compatibility is being a building stone feature of a website. In order to achieve success on your website, it is possible to use SEO-ready website infrastructure. The most important conditions of the search sites are the website prepared by creating SEO feature and there are, for sure the sites, which will be displayed on the front page. The compatibility of a website and its content means that it follows some specific rules.





How to Create an SEO Compatible Website?
From design to installation by software specialists, many factors considering all the rules and criteria for the user are taken into account when making an SEO-compatible website. While the site is running as a background optimization, it is cleaned from unnecessary notes and made easy to find on search engines.
Seo compatible ready website configuration is as follows;

1-Seo compatibility is evaluated jointly with the search and user community.
2. In order to get SEO compatibility, the site is programmed according to the purpose of its establishment.
3- Design is sensitive and prepared according to rules. At the same time, the structure and format are designed for the purpose of the site. 
4- Most appropriate PSD to CSS processes are created.
5- Unnecessary notes and inquiries are resolved. Permanent connection environments are created and settings are made. 
6 - The sitemap is created in an efficient way and it is opened automatically.
7- The tasks known as H1, namely Tag`s are provided in accordance with the purpose of service.
8- In-site menu and other connection points according to working principles are prepared to target group and simple usage is provided.
9- Developed software on the basis of many Seo compliance criteria, based on solid infrastructure for the continuity of the site.

Why is SEO Compatibility Required for a Website?
In the process we have been through since the past years, smartphone usage has now overtaken many sites. Due to technological developments, it is possible to provide the necessary equipment for adaptation in future website applications, in the context of SEO compatible web site services. The user prefers the site that best responds to the search for products, services, or information with search engines. 
Search engines are evaluating Seo compatibility as the current system and directing users to the top of the list according to these results. If your site is not SEO compliant, it will determine that it is not a site that meets these criteria and will not get visitors to your site. So Seo compatibility means success and profit for a site.

What are the SEO Compliance Preferences of Search Engines?
In the context of search engine optimizations, when site selection is determined according to the desired search results; Some spider bot systems are assigned. These boots navigate the site, receive, and record information. This information is also checked, sorted, and highlighted according to the search criteria for the user. At this point, Seo will take the front row in any case for the harmonious website. Because it is designed according to search criteria, conditions, and rules and has information approved by spider bots, and with this, it will be easier to meet the target audience.
If you want to set up an SEO compatible website with Seo compatible settings, you can sign in and join to Wix in only 30 seconds!

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