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How to use free website templates?

Free website templates

Yes, today's lesson; free website templates. What is the Seo-Friendly website template and how is it used? I will inform you about this. Everyone who owns a website around the world wants Google and other search engines to appear on the first page of their rankings. Where can we get these SEO-Friendly website templates?

First of all, you should find the website builder that will present you with the best SEO-friendly website templates. No more need to learn complex website code information. My recommendation is


Why website templates?


First of all, what we need to know is that an SEO-friendly website template should look like this.


I want to give you an example with your permission;


You want to build a hotel, and you need to rent a building for the hotel.


What should be in the building you rent?


1. As many empty rooms as you need.


2. This building should have a lobby.


3. The location should be close to important places.


Now, what happens if the building you are renting is designed for a hospital, not a hotel?

Of course, you have to be fit for you. Here are SEO-friendly website templates like the one I mentioned in this example.


If you are looking for a website template for eCommerce, you should definitely include the e-commerce app in this template.


Here Wix offers you free website templates that you need. If you want to create an eCommerce website with Wix, you can choose from hundreds of free and ready-to-use website templates.


Whether you want it or not, you can automatically have a great eCommerce website or a regular website thanks to Wix artificial design intelligence.


Imagine, you want to be a YouTube. You must create a website for this and approve your YouTube channel.


What kind of website template do you need to create a website for your YouTube videos?

Of course, you need a website template where you can add videos.


Wix offers you the most appropriate website templates for free. How to create a website? You can click here to find out.


Wix's website templates are created by the world's most talented web designers. Madame Hagit Kaufman, the member, is the leader of this team.



















Madame Hagit, the creative force behind Wix's inspirational, animated website themes, is busy working hard to make sure all people have a wonderful website.



How can you use SEO-friendly website templates with Wix?

1. You can subscribe to Wix in 30 seconds.

2. Wix will give you 2 options to create your website.

* Wix free website templates ready to use (with drag and drop, you can easily edit)

How can you use SEO-friendly website templates with Wix?

* Wix ADI With Wix artificial website design intelligence you can automatically have a website. Wix ADI prepares website options for you within seconds. You just choose the free website template you like most.

How can you use SEO-friendly website templates with Wix?

It's that easy to use SEO-friendly and free website templates with Wix.

So I think Wix is ​​the best website builder.

If you are looking for a consultant about building a website, you can always contact me. Or you can read the educational articles on this website.

How to make a website? you can click here to learn step by step with picture 

And please do not forget the example I always gave to people;

1. Website = Plant

best website builder

2. Original content + SEO-friendly templates = Good website

best website builder

3. Award = success with organic visitors and Google.

success with organic visitors and Google

Good luck

Emre Ata certified Wix trainer and webmaster

Do you want to get your website ready on an affordable budget? With free website templates? Wix gives you this opportunity! You can easily get your website from Wix in all sorts of categories, from virtual stores and fashion recipes to blog pages and music. You will check






We can with no doubt say that Wix will meet all of your website desires. Using Wix, you can simply and easily get the websites from all corners of your country. 

How to do that?

All you need to do is to enter your email address and password and follow the required steps to easily sign up to It’s that simple. Once you’ve signed up, you can start making an affordable web page with ease with easy to use editör Wix offers to you. It will be in your hands to get the website design you have always dreamed of.



What changes can you make on ready websites with Wix?
In fact, your answer is near ‘anything you want’, because lets to create the website from scratch just the way you want. You can make any editions to the website you can think of. You may customize and design it in any way that matches your criteria of a perfect webpage. Wix is where you get the website you like at affordable prices.


Drag and Drop Editor option of Wix make carefully edited, impressive templates. 

You can have your own website with more than 250 applications that will make your job easier.

With Wix, your webpage will be possibly used on any device

Here, you can get the website you want in a few clicks

Free Hosting service of Wix will make sure your webpage is safe at all times

Here, you can have your personal domain and make a good impression on visitors

Using Wix, you may display your photos with more than 40 gallery options given to you

You can make your site more impressive by adding background videos to the homepage of 
your website


You can add the videos to your site yourself or use Wix’s free ready-made videos for you

Wix will provide you with every affordable convenience for your website with reasonable prices
If you want to get your website with Wix, which has many more features, just click above!

Free website templates
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