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How to create a website for free?


Hello, you came to the right place to create a free website with free hosting and domain step by step ( with pictures ). I will tell you everything about the most simple website creator to create a free website. People are always asking themselves which is the best website builder? First of all, Wix is the best website builder in the world. Why Wix? I will try to explain the answer to this question. How to create a free website? We'll learn this step by step. First of all, you need to decide which sector you want to create a website. You need to have some time, a website builder, a website logo, and a website for which sector you should have information about this sector. The country you live in is not important for Wix, you can create websites for every country and every language you want.


Let's learn step by step how to create a free website now.

Free website builder

The things we need to create a free website are;


1. Website name
2. Some website builder (My recommendation is Wix because Wix website templates are Google and SEO friendly)
3. We must prepare an article for the website.
4. Social media accounts for our website
5. Website logos

Free website creation is very easy with Wix website templates and Wix ADI. Once you have entered the system with Wix ADI, you can automatically become a website owner.

We need to know the following before creating a web site step by step. Wix offers you free website creation. Completely free. You should create original and unique content for your website. Creating an SEO friendly website will be an advantage for you. On the whole planet, all people want to create a free e-commerce website or a regular website.


The best web site builder is Wix. If you want to use web design tools from other companies this will be your choice. WIX's website templates are created by the world's top web designers. All Wix website templates are Google friendly.


You can easily create websites with drag and drop. There is no need for coding, you do not need to deal with complex panels.


Please imagine. Creating a social media page is as easy as creating a website with Wix. With the Wix App Market, you can create a great website animated, and beautifully styled.

All you need to do is to select ready-made website templates and then start editing. But if you like Wix artificial design intelligence will automatically create a few websites.

Wix editor offers you the most convenient help options and helps you to build your website.

First of all, you can subscribe to Wix by click here. Try it now for free!

1. Website name

You should definitely choose your website name about the sector or the services you provide. If your website contains a keyword that is relevant to your business, this will be an advantage for you.

If you are going to create a personal website, you can add your own name.

2. Website builder

Wix has 171 million users all over the world. Every minute  Choose the website builder that best suits you. My personal recommendation is Wix. I told you the reason for this at the beginning of the article. thousand of people are subscribing to Wix. Because you do not need coding to create a website with Wix. Soon, I'll show you how to build a website step-by-step.

3. Steps to follow after creating your website

free website builder
free website builder

Wix will provide you with an auto-generated website. Or you will choose one of Wix's SEO-friendly website templates.

This website template will have auto-generated main categories. What you need to do is to create new categories for your business or service. Once we have created these categories, we should now prepare an article.


To create an article, we must use the Wix Blog application.

free website builder

Using the Wix blog application is very simple. You will write all the articles in a panel. By following the steps easily and practically, you can create original, SEO-Friendly, and unique articles. I will provide you with the SEO information you need to pay attention to when preparing your article.

Once you've created your website's articles, be sure to include the following sections on your main page.


* Website location

* Information about the website

* Communication panel

* Links to your website from your social media pages

* Privacy policy page

4. Social media accounts

In our day, social media is very important for website owners. You can get visitors from Google and other search engines. However, social signals are very important.

While Google and other search engines value a website, they are aware of how popular they are on social media.


When you write an article, do not just add it to your site. Share the URL of this article in your social media accounts. Even if you do not have too many followers, you should do it.

Create accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If possible, create accounts in large internet forums of your country and share your article links here.

Google tools are very important. Please do not forget these tips;

Be sure to be your Google My Business account. You should use Google Search Console and Google Analytics for your website.

You can click here to create a Google my business account.

To use the Google search console, you can sign up by click here 

Please click here to use Google analytics.

5. Website logos

The logo for a website is very important. Create an absolute logo and add this logo to your website, social media accounts.

Yes now I would like to offer you detailed SEO information about creating your website with your permission

1. Make SEO-friendly articles

When preparing an article, you must have a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 3000 words. Write your keyword at least 3 or 4 times in the relevant article, if the topic is related to the topic.

Be sure to specify important areas that you write in bold or color.

Add a photo, a visual, or a video to your make. This way, Google and other search engines will value your website.

2. Website images ( Alt text )

You should pay attention to the Alt tags when adding pictures, images, photos to your website.



free website builder

When adding a photo like this one, be sure to write the name of the image. In this way, Google and other search engines will understand what the image is about. This is very important for SEO. Remember, when people search on Google, they do 30% Google image searches.

3. SEO settings for the free website

free website builder

You need to make an SEO setting for each page of your website. In this way, Google and other search engines will understand what your website is about.

You can easily configure your website SEO settings with Wix SEO wizard. The Wix Seo Wizard will scan your entire website pages and tell you what you need to do.

Yes, please do not forget.


Your website is like a living plant. You should feed your website with original articles, your articles, and all your pages on social media.


This is your website,

free website builder

These are your articles,

free website builder

If you feed your website consistently, your website will receive and spread index on Google.

free website builder

As a result, these articles and contents will come back to your website as an organic visit.

free website builder

It's so easy to create a free website with WiX. But my advice is that you choose one of Wix premium packages. This way you can add domains to your website.

A domain name is very important. Wix offers free website creation, but your website will have a extension.




If you buy a Wix premium package, your domain might look like this:

And in this way, Google will value your website more. But if you want to use the free Wix site, once you complete your website, you can share your website URL in your social media accounts.

Wix Premium pricing

free website builder

Also, if you are a Wix premium subscriber, Wix will offer you.

1. Free 1 year domain


2. Google Adwords gift voucher worth $ 100


3. Site Booster application


4. According to premium you have selected unlimited bandwidth


5. Wix Seo Wizard application for website SEO settings


Yes, now you know how to create a free website?


With Wix ADI you can easily create a website. You should watch Wix Ceo's Avishai Abrahami's video on Wix ADI.

free website builder

With the Wix ADI, you can catch the future!

If you want to ask a question about creating a free website with Wix, you can always contact me.


Are you in need of a professional and productive website with high-resolution images in the United States or Worldwide?
It never was so easy! Wix lets you get it done in just a few minutes and without any effort or design and graphics skills!
Check out our free website builder!


Few simple steps are required for the set up:

Create your account for free in Wix!

You can sign up in Wix for free right ahead! When signing up use the email that is reachable at all times. Create a strong and secure password. You can get this work done in only a few minutes.


Click on ‘Start Now’


Choose a template you like.

On the left side, you can see the categories, you can use that tool to the most suitable template for your website.

After making a selection, click on ‘Edit’ and make any editions you want.

As a next step, ‘Publish’ your new website.
And finally, as the last step to make, buy a Wix Premium membership.
And, there you go! Your website is ready in any part of the United States of America or Worldwide.
For more information, you can watch our educational videos.



You can get it almost everywhere!
As to count, you can get a builder for your website in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago, Oklahoma, New York, Philadelphia, Carolina, San Antonio, Georgia, Michigan, Dallas, Seattle, Indiana Detroit, El Paso, Portland, San Diego and for many other parts of the USA.
Get your free website now!

Almost nine million people of different nationalities, professions, tastes all over the world create their web pages with the help of Wix.

Wix has lots of features for you and creating a website with it, you can enlarge the business of your own and get an increasement in your sales.



Making a website with us is free of charge

We have five hundred templates that are creatively and productively designed. You can make a choice of the best one suiting your website type.

We give you full support - day and night.

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