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Easy Sıgn Up Process
To sign up, all you have to do is to use your email and password. After that follow the simple required steps to complete your sign up process. And that's it. You are now a member of Wix.
Quick and easy website building
Dozens of templates
There are dozens of valuable website templates. All of them are very professionally and accurately designed. Although we do not think you will need it, you can make really big changes to your chosen template and kind of create a completely new template all over again. You can download any high-resolution images given to you for your website with 40 different gallery options. You can integrate pictures wşth music and add it as a background to your Home Page. You may also change any texts, sizes, fonts with your own. 
A domain link to your website in minutes
After completing editing on templates you can get your domain link in a few minutes and publish your website. A domain link may contain Wix advertisements, or be without them, it is up to you which one to choose. 
Instant quality index with Google and other search engines 
The ability to easily add your social media pages into your website
That will serve you as a way to manage both your clients and your followers and friends from the same place
High-quality service 
We believe that what we do is a great and of a great quality. Perhaps, 130 million people that choose us thinks the same way as well.
Minimum price
You have two options with Wix – to create your personal website free of charge or to get it done with a minimum price possible. Our free option is also great in terms of having a professional and beautiful website that will grab the attention of the visitors, but with our minimum priced option you can extend the limits of any website!
Lots of features
We have plenty of features for you that will help you to get the track of the visitors of websites, to contact them, to add the keyword to your website and make it appear at the top on search engines, to create productive websites with lots of design option we give to you and many others.
Free Hosting 
Our free hosting service is here to keep your websites safe without any charge!

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