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Greetings. I am Emre Ata, a certified Wix expert. Today we will learn how to create a website together. How to create a website? eCommerce site settings, Website SEO settings, and step-by-step website creation are all prepared for you on this site. Website setup step by step, SEO settings, and more! Wix Premium gives you an opportunity to create your eye-catching, stunning, professional websites without much time, a lot of effort, and any graphic design or coding skills! We are proud of our service and 202 million people who prefer us, too!

Set up your own website with us, using templates of different kinds and accuracy! Get our support whenever you want: we are more than happy to help you 7/24. Let us help you to get your Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing optimization process up to speed, so you can index your site and reach the target fastest!

All you have to do is to create a free Wix account, use the ready-made templates for you, get a Wix Premium membership and domain to Publish your website.

We are proud of our service and 230 million people who prefer us, too!

Best Website Builder

Do you need to make a website?

How to create a website? If you, too, in need of a website for different purposes like music, business, photography, designer, online store, food, restaurants, events, accommodation, business letter website templates like a portfolio, resume or CV, wellness and beauty, blogging, and other types, why not start to create it? Website review, eCommerce website builder

What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder that serves millions of people from all over the World. offers features that no other website maker does. We want you to get professional sites in just a few minutes without any design or coding skills, free of cost!


Let’s see in steps how to use Wix to make a website.
There are a few simple steps are required for setting the webpage up:

Create your Wix account with the best website builder.
You can sign up in Wix for free right ahead! When signing up use the email that is reachable at all times. Create a strong and secure password. You can get this work done in only a few minutes.


Step 2.
Choose ‘Start Now’ and start looking for a template of your choice.
On the left side, you can see the categories, you can use that tool for finding the most suitable template for your website.


Step 3.
After making a selection, click on ‘Edit’ and make any editions you want. Add or delete any images, make the changes in the background, add high-resolution videos, use 3D effects, use your HTML code if you wish to.
Replace the text with your own content.


Step 4.
As a next step to make, get your domain link. There are different options given to you.
You can also buy a Wix Premium membership to have more beautiful and easy to use features.

What are the features of Wix?

We have hundreds of professional and eye-grabbing templates for your usage
Our design editor is easy to use
You may create your professional email address with the G Suite Service. And with this step, you can show your professionalism to your customers.

With the help of the Eventbrite application, it is possible to make announcements of any possible events.
You can keep track of the number of website visitors
With the help of ShoutOut Email Service, you may get your customers notified of your newly released products or new services.
Our clients never choose any other website builder once they try the Wix out. So, get your hands-on work and make your creative web pages suiting your purposes with Wix!

Best website builder
Information About Wix Website Builder

Build a successful and free website has never been this simple. How to create a website? With best website builder?
If you want to open a free, successful, and curious, easy-to-use website but you do not know where to start, you'll get more than you want with the best website builder Wix.
There are a lot of ways to open a web page. Some can even spend their months. Who to set up the site code, design, etc. And some of them are getting a ready site by paying a lot of money to the people who make the web design. With Wix, however, you can open up a quality and practical web page in a very simple way without any need for them! How to create a website step by step?


First of all, please do not forget, you came to this article by doing a Google search. This means that if you do the step-by-step website creation process in this article, you will have such a successful website. How to build a website? I will tell you the answer to the question.

As a 7 year experienced SEO expert, I assure you that after reading this article, you will have a website that receives success and more traffic.


The summary of the steps we will perform first is as follows;

How to create a website ?

What is Wix?

How to build a website? With you can make a quality, free and professional web page without any technical knowledge, without the need for design coding. It is now easy to open a successful site in every design you want, with Wix.

Wix Basic Features
The simple-to-use editor helps you design the site the way you want. Coding information is not needed.
Free hosting service keeps your site safe.
The web page you open is useful for mobile and so on. Applications.

Design Features

Professionally designed 500 templates: Choose from the templates that are tailored to suit your site from all sorts. Choose from millions of professional stock images with high resolution. Fixing different items to the screen: Make sure your visitors see these items when they go down on the site and up and down.3D effects: Make your scene look more enjoyable and eye-catching with Parallax effects.HTML code: Enter your own code to add the features you want. Just have a sheltered page where you or your intended audience can see it.

Other Features

Create blogs that you can customize entirely at your own discretion.
Promote your social media accounts with a network bar where you can include your web page and get a chance to win followers.
With SEO Wizard, make it easy to find your webpage on the search engine using appropriate search content and keyword phrases.
Create an eye-catching mobile app for your virtual store and your store
Have the opportunity to manage visitors, customers, members from the same place.
Notify your services about your travel by creating beautiful content emails.
If you want to have a lot more and much more beautiful, practical features, pay simple, commission-free with PayPal, credit card cash options.
Promote your site with Eventbrite and gain more visitors by sharing your activities on social media (Google, Facebook, etc.). helps you with any problem with 7/24 support. With support videos, it shows you the easy way to open a web page step by step.
Now, come to with the best website builder and you have good quality and beautifully designed web page.


1. What sector would you create a website for? Is it your personal website? Or is it a business-related corporate website? Or online store? Maybe an e-commerce website? First, you have to decide.


2. We must find a good domain name related to the website. But in doing so, we will comply with the rules of Google and other search engines.


3. We should choose the website builder that best suits us. My recommendation is Wix. Why? Just think, you came up with this article on Google search and this website was created with Wix. I think you understand what I mean


4. You should subscribe to the website builder that best suits you. Choose the most appropriate website package.


5. The next step in this step is to choose an SEO-friendly, google-compliant website template that is best for you.


6. After selecting the website template, we must have a nice logo, this logo will be necessary for the favicon.


7. We must determine the website categories.


8. And most importantly, the website SEO settings that should be made after the website frame is created.


You should now read these steps carefully and patiently. I will share my 7 years of SEO knowledge with you.


Step 1


You should decide what your Web site is about. Because we have to create the entire sub-structure of your website in a way that is relevant to the sector you specify. What is your website goal? Did you specify that? Then we are ready for step 2!

Step 2


The most important thing for every website is the website domain name. We must choose the kind of domain name that Google and other search engines value.

What should we look at when setting a domain name?


* The domain name should be a name that is relevant to your website sector.


* Within the domain name (-, +) there should be no such marks.


I want to give an example; (This is wrong) (This is the right choice)


If you want to create a personal website, it would be more sensible to buy a domain name where an artist, doctor, or musician is your name and surname.


I want to give an example;


If your website is related to any sector, be sure to buy it in a domain name that is relevant to your sector.


I want to give an example;


Please take this webpage, for example, What is the relevance of this site? '' website builder '' And look at the domain name.


There is a keyword '' website builder '' in the domain name.


Finding a domain like this will affect your site's ranking on Google and other search engines. When a user searches on Google, they are more likely to trust the website where the relevant industry name is located.

That is, you should identify the website domain name in accordance with these terms.


* Another important point. Your website domain should be as short as possible. Do not buy domain names that are too long. Your domain name can be a brand name. The important thing is the website content. We will examine this issue in detail as the '' website content and SEO friendly website article '' step.

Now let's go to step 3 with your permission.

Step 3


In this step, you should choose the most appropriate website builder platform. I suggest you personally use Wix. Because of the whole world, every minute thousand of people are subscribing to Wix. Wix's website templates are created by the world's most talented website designers. Wix website templates are totally Google and SEO friendly. And with the drag-and-drop website builder, you can easily create your website. Wix ADI (Wix artificial intelligence) & best website builder application developed recently by Wix engineers is an excellent tool.


You can subscribe to Wix by clicking on the images start now.

But if you still want to try out the methods I've told you with another website builder, this is your choice.

Yes, if you've chosen the website builder, let's go step 4

How to make a website?

How to make a website?
Information about website templates

Step 4


Choose the most appropriate website package


The website builder you have chosen in this step will ask you what kind of website you want to use. I want to show you, Wix, as an example.

Wix Price List

The website builder asks you what your website about is before you create your website. You can set these options as follows.


* Personal Website
* E-commerce & Online store websites
* Video sharing websites
* Normal website
* Blog
* A different type of website

Choose the one that suits you from these options.


The website creator will provide you with the appropriate options according to the website. And these options will affect the cost of your package.


For example;


If you are going to create a video sharing website, you should choose a package that has a lot of bandwidth and storage space. You can pay a bit more for this website type.


If you want to create a virtual store, you should opt for high bandwidth and e-commerce compatible website package. You pay a different fee for this website type.


If you want to create a blog site, you should opt for the Google and SEO-friendly website builder package. You can make a lower payment for the blog site.


Wix premium packages are available in unlimited bandwidth size.

Let's continue with the next step with your permission

Step 5

You should have a logo that will best represent you for your website. You can use the Wix logo builder for this.

Step 6


In this step, you should choose the SEO-friendly website templates that you think is most appropriate or that you like.


If I have to give an example of Wix, Wix will give you 3 options.

1. With Wix ADI (Wix artificial intelligence) you can create an automatic website. It's simple and easy to use.

The Wix ADI application asks you to;


* Website name

* What sector is the website related to (Personal website or eCommerce?)

* What sector is the website related to (Personal website or eCommerce?)

* Website e-mail address and other information

* Website location

* Website social media accounts (Social media accounts are very important, your website will get natural backlinks and social media signals, we'll talk about these next steps)

* Website logo (Logo selection is important for Wix ADI because Wix ADI can use logo colors while creating your website template, but if you do not, you can choose the color yourself.

And our website ready for the edit!

You can edit your website with Wix ADI page editor

After you apply the steps as you see in the images, all you have to do is wait for your website to be created. Wix ADI will automatically create your website and offer you various types of website templates.

* Wix will ask you for information about your website again. After applying this information, your adversary will provide you with the most appropriate website template options. You can edit by drag and drop website builder.

You can choose from these website templates. You can customize these website templates with Wix Editor.

3. Create a new website with a blank template

You can create a new website with a blank template yourself. You will use the Wix App store in the Wix editor to create this website. Menu, page layout, and many more applications are here.

2. Ready-USE Website templates that Wix has prepared for you

Wix Price List
Website setup with Wix ADI
Ready-Use Website Templates
Blank Template Website Setup

Step 7


Yes, now the website is one of the most important points for the SEO infrastructure.

Category pages of your website.


These pages will be automatically provided to you by Wix or a different website builder.


*About us
*Our services
* Team
* Terms of use and privacy


This area will be formed.


But that's the important point.


After carefully filling in these fields, you need to create relevant categories for your website.


I want to give an example;


If your website is an online store, and if you sell products, you need to create pages, products, stores, cargo, and similar pages on your website.


If your website is a personal blog page, you should create information about your blog, relevant categories of information that you have given to peoples.


If your website is a personal website, you can give information about yourself and your talents.

If your website is related to a company or business sector, you should definitely create categories for your service areas.


If you are creating a website outside these areas, you can choose categories as you like.

Now, what should we pay attention to when creating a category? I want to show you.

'' Please read carefully and review the images ''

In step 7 you need to create category pages for your website. These categories are very important for your business. 


As you have seen in the images


* Website page name

* What is the website page about?

* website keywords page keywords

* and most importantly the website page URL structure

Be very careful of this point. Please follow this step while creating your website page


I want to give an example; (this is true) (this is wrong)


When setting up your website categories and pages, you should pay careful attention to the proper URL extension.

Now that our website is ready, it's time to present your SEO information to you.

Key of Website SEO settings

Now I present the key to creating websites that receive a lot of traffic


What do we need to do once the website creation process is complete? Everyone wants to have websites that get the most traffic from his or her search engines in related keywords.


The steps we need to follow to achieve this are;


* Finding the most searched keywords in search engines and writing articles about these keywords

* Original and unique content
* Share website pages and new contents on social media
* To add alt tags to images and images on your website
* Use Google Adwords and social ads if you have a budget
* Create an account for all your social media platforms for your website

*You must open Google My Business account

*And bonus SEO tips


These are exactly what you need to do;


* Finding the most searched keywords in search engines and original content


Create a Google Adwords account click here!. Do this even if you do not have an advertising budget. Use Google AdWords keyword planner. Type your website name and select your site's category. Google keyword planner will offer you the most searched key phrases related to your segment.

In this section, identify the most searched words and the search rates.

Then prepare the articles at 300 and 2000 word intervals that are relevant to these keywords. When writing an article, use the keyword several times in the article.

Do not use copy content. Because Google never likes stolen writings and copy contents. Your website may arrive at very bad locations in Google's rankings.

The first 160 words are very important when writing SEO friendly articles. Write the keyword at the beginning of the text at least once.

Your article title is very important. Always pass the keyword in the title

Add video and pictures to the subject in relation to the topic.

* Share website pages and new contents on social media

* To add alt texts to images and images on your website

*You must open Google My Business account for more traffic! Click here and create your account


Open your Google my business account and whenever you add content to your website, share it in Google's "post" section of my business

*And bonus SEO tips for your website

Normally you should use '' fetch as google '' whenever you add new content to your website. But Wix has developed an application for users that do this automatically. The name of this application is '' Wix Seo Wizard '' so you can become an SEO expert on your website.


Wix Seo wizard will scan your whole website once you have completed your website. Wix SEO wizard automatically sends a sitemap to Google!

And the website SEO will show you the missing things. By following the steps you can complete this SEO missing and rise in Google rank!

Wix Seo Wizard's application is free for premium users!


How to us Wix Seo Wizard to start learning!



Finally, do not forget to submit your website URL to  other search engines after completing your site

Website menu settings
Website SEO Settings
Website Social Media Settings

Steps to follow to build a site and Wix ready website system features

They always need support during the steps to create a website. Wix millions of people for many years, has made a great contribution to the creation of their website. "Wix Premium" packages, which enable you to have the most economical way to create an e-commerce site or a personal website, are offered to you without being affected by the exchange rate fluctuation. In addition, to drag and drop technology, you can prevent your competitors from competing with the Wix system, which also offers you SEO help tools that will carry your website to the top positions on Google. Instead of paying thousands of Turkish lira per year to special software, you can buy quality services by paying very affordable fees monthly or annually to the Wix system.

Great website templates compatible with Google and SEO

Wix system offers you, valuable users, the opportunity to create a website with 2 different methods. The first one is Wix ADI (Wix artificial intelligence technology) If you specify Wix ADI which industry or which type of service you want to create, artificial intelligence will automatically create a perfect Google & SEO compatible website for you. Option 2 has been developed for lovers of old-style website creation methods. You can instantly move your website to the virtual world by choosing the "ready-to-use website" themes created by the expert web designer team in the business of Wix company. Here everything is so easy and simple. You can watch our video to get information about how to create a website with Wix.

Creating a website using Wix ADI (Artificial Intelligence technology)

Let's get to know the Wix features that stand out for all users who want to set up a website
Wix, the leading website builder on our planet, has gathered the website building tools it offers to you, valuable users, under various names. These are: 1- Wix Virtual Store, 2- Wix Appointment, 3- Wix Blog, 4- Wix Event, 5- Wix Restaurant, 6- Wix Hotel, 7- Wix Music, 8- Wix Video 9- Wix Logo creator 10 - Wix SEO Wizard. These website applications allow creating websites that can be used for many similar sectors or people.

Wix Virtual Store (Setting up an e-commerce site)

With this system, which allows you to build a perfect SEO and Google compatible E-Commerce site using Wix, you can easily create your website, add products or services, downloadable files that you want to sell with original images and articles to your product panel, and download your related documents to get and Communicate to units using one of the payout options and start making money online immediately. Learn how to make your products stand out on Google using the Wix SEO Wizard. Another advantage of creating an e-commerce site with Wix is ​​that it has website templates that automatically adapt to the algorithm innovations made by Google. In short, have a website that automatically adapts to Google innovations by paying one time. Get rid of phrases like "You need to pay this much to use our new Google compatible website theme" with each new algorithm change.

Wix Appointment (Setting up a booking site)

It is now very easy to create an Appointment website using Wix. You can have an SEO-friendly website developed for doctors, teachers, cosmetologists, architects, therapists, photographers, and similar users, which can easily find a place on the first page when it is searched on Google.

Wix Blog (Build a blog site)

Using Wix, it is possible to create a great blog site, to develop a great platform for news, opinion, analysis briefly all kinds of blog formations. Send articles or articles, product promotions, or any information you write to Google using AMP and Schema compliant using unique Wix blogging tools and SEO wizard. Most of the blogging sites on Google in the United States and all over the world use the Wix infrastructure. You can easily add Gif, Animation, video, and similar features to your blog posts.

Wix Event (Setting up a website for the event)

It is quite easy to create a website for the event using Wix. You can create a website automatically with Wix ADI. Create an SEO compliant website for the company, formation, fairs to attend, personal development meetings, and many more events.

Wix Restaurant (Setting up a website for a restaurant)

You own a very stylish or simple restaurant owner in your country, Google has made my business settings, you have added your videos promoting your restaurant on Youtube and Instagram, all you need is beautifully designed and will bring you to the foreground in the relevant keyword in the city where your restaurant is located and will bring you to the first page on Google. compatible modern website. At this point, it is possible to set up a website for a perfect business by using Wix Restaurant website templates and Wix ADI. Create your business website in just 3 minutes. In the next step, add your images and photos to your website, do not forget to write your business address and location in the title section of the homepage SEO setting section. And you're ready!

Wix Hotel (To establish a website for the hotel)

Improve your Hotel, Pension, Hostel business with the accommodation website you will create with Wix. Even if there are many Hotel reservation applications or software available today, if your business has a stylish and trustworthy Hotel website, your potential to catch customers will be higher. All the tools needed by your valuable users to set up a hotel website are offered to you free of charge with Wix Premium. Create your business website using Wix ADI or Hazi website templates in a few easy steps, add the Wix Hotel app, and start earning. Start to enjoy the privileges of the Wix system, which has the most advanced hotel reservation application on the planet. Add videos and images that will give your guests confidence in your Hotel website that you will create using Wix in a few steps.

Wix Music & Video (Setting up a website for musicians and artists)

Nowadays, it is very easy to highlight your work through the featured applications. Create an audio file, or shoot a video, upload it to related apps and start getting recognized. At this point, many artists feel the need to create a website that contains information about itself. With the Wix Music and Wix Video panel, easily add everything you produce to your website and link famous applications to your website. Let your fans and companies that want to work with you reach you on Google. With the Wix multilingual website option, you can present your productions to more than one country.

Wix Logo creator

It is now very easy to create a great logo that represents you for your website. Create your free logo or protect your logo design by paying the fee, with the most preferred Wix Logo Creator among the online logo generator applications. The logo, which should be a must for companies and companies or for those who are on the way to become a brand, will be required when you apply to the relevant ministry in order to obtain your brand rights.

Wix SEO Wizard

This feature of Wix provides 172 million users worldwide a great convenience in creating SEO and Google compatible websites. You no longer need to make SEO work or SEO settings for your website by paying money, thanks to the artificial intelligence of the Wix SEO Wizard, you can make your website's pages rise to the top in search engines within minutes.
What is SEO?

This word, which means search engine optimization, is the most important compatibility rule for websites. The texts you have written are the most important elements that tell the browser robots what your web pages are about. A website that is healthy and compatible with search engines will always outperform its competitors. Wix SEO Wizard offers you the opportunity to edit all your web pages at this point.
How does Wix SEO Wizard work?
It automatically scans and analyzes the web pages that you will create with Wix ADI or Wix ready website templates and shows you which words you should write on which line by associating them with the keywords you have chosen. It notifies you of the product name, service name, or words with high search volume searched on Google.
Avoid paying an SEO optimization fee
In many countries, new websites and E-Commerce sites are opened every day. Each of these new sites brings a new competitive challenge to the sector they are in. Before the Wix SEO Wizard application, many website owners are forced to spend hundreds of dollars on relevant engines and keywords to appear on the first pages of search engines. Today, thanks to the Wix Seo Wizard, you can make SEO settings of your websites in an easy and practical way at no cost. This amazing app is included in all Wix premium packages.

Wix customer support

Wix is ​​a website creation platform that serves more than 180 countries around the world. It has customer support teams that offer support services in dozens of different languages. When you become a Wix subscriber and start creating your website, you can visit the support section, which explains Wix features in detail and step by step, if you want to get one-to-one customer support, you can send a message to the "Customer support unit" employees by creating a ticket. Wix Customer support center is located in Ireland and supports 24/7 users.

Wix customer support staff are always working on problem-solving. Many website builders automatically send ready-made texts or support center routing links to provide solutions to their users, but Wix customer support teams are completely real people. If you encounter a problem while creating a website on any subject, you can contact the award-winning customer support unit that provides 24/7 service. In order to understand that the Wix customer support team consists of real people, you just need to take a look at their sincere and polite answers. Since it offers the best solution support to its users, who create websites in more than 180 countries around the world, a new user joins Wix every 2 seconds. This amazing team is always ready to help you build your dream website.


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