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How to make car rental website? Car rental website builder

How to build a car rental website? Car rental website builder You have come to the right page to create a car rental website. In this article, I will give you information about the car rental website builder. Creating a car rental website with pictures and step by step is now easy. First of all, I will recommend you to create a website with Wix. With Wix, you can create an automatic website, or you can edit one from the ready website templates. Car rental website templates are ready for you. To set up an SEO-friendly rent a car website you will follow the steps I will tell you. In this article, you will find detailed information about website SEO settings.

How to build a car rental website

If you do not have a Wix account, you can subscribe by clicking here. There is 14 days trial period. Try it now for free.

Car rental website builder

Let's learn step by step now.

1. We need a website name

2. Choose a website builder (I recommend you Wix ADI.)

3. You should think of an effective domain name.

4. You should prepare articles containing detailed information about your car rental business.

5. You must create social media accounts for your rental car website. You need to use Google tools effectively. In this way, we will build a successful rent a car website.

Here we go,

1. Website name

In the case of car rental website, you should definitely include '' car rental '' or '' rent a car ''. This way you will see value from Google and other search engines.

2. You must select a website builder. My advice to you is Wix. Because Wix has over 129 million subscribers in the world. And Wix is ​​the best website builder. Because all Wix website templates are SEO-friendly.

3. The car rental word must pass in your domain. This is very important for Google. But if you want to use your brand name, you should definitely include detailed articles on your website. Please note that website content and original articles are very important for Google.

4. In order to be included on the first pages of Google, you must write original articles relevant to your business. Write articles containing 400 or 2500 words. Talk about your job. And write at least 3 or 4 keywords in these articles.

5. Social media accounts are very important for Google and other search engines. Create accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And share each page of your website on these accounts. This way you will get a social signal. And these social signals will prove to the search engines that you are a real business.

Once you have created a website with Wix, you can connect your social media accounts to your website in a practical way.

Now let's see how to build a car rental website

1. Wix will ask you which tool you would like to create a website for. Wix will give you two options. Wix ADI and Wix Website Editor I suggest you Wix ADI. Because Wix artificial intelligence requires simple information from you. When you add this information step by step, you automatically have aN SEO-friendly website template. Add the information in full and follow the steps in the images.

How to build a car rental website

2. Fill in the requested information completely. Wix artificial design intelligence will ask you the name of the sector.

How to build a car rental website Car rental website builder

Please follow the steps in the picture

How to build a car rental website

How to build a car rental website

How to build a car rental website

How to build a car rental website

In this step, Wix will ask you how the design pattern should look. Choose the type you like the most.

How to build a car rental website

And your car rental website is ready!

How to build a car rental website

You must fully fill in the SEO information of your website's pages.

How to build a car rental website

Yes, your website is ready, we've completed our pages, and we've added our articles to our website. Now we must buy my domain name. You can buy your domain for a fee. But if you buy Wix premiums, you will be given a 1-year domain name. You will also receive a Google Adwords gift voucher worth $ 100.

How to build a car rental website

The next step is very important. You will set the website Seo structure. People pay hundreds of dollars to Seo experts. The Wix SEO wizard application offers you this for free!

After you have completed car hire websites, run the Wix Seo wizard. Add 5 keywords. After this step, Wix SEO wizard will review your SEO structure and will show you the missing parts.

How to build a car rental website

Once the Wix Seo Wizard process is complete, submit your web site to Google.

How to build a car rental website

I would like to offer you a very important piece of information. If you want to get a lot of organic visits from search engines, you need to add alt tags to all the photos on your website. This sub tag will be the name of the image. In this way, Google will know what the photo belongs to.

Please remember, people on Google use the visual search option very often. Name the images as shown.

car rental website SEO settings

Be sure to add a blog to your website. With this blog, you need to inform your business about your business and your services. That way Google will value your website.

You should write your articles in the range of 400 - 2500 words. Please keep away from copy and paste articles. Google and other search engines do not like copy content.

The more articles you have written about your keywords on your website, the more advantages you have. You can give information about car hire service or cars that you offer.

Remember, you come to Google from this article. Please review this article and make it the same for your website.

How to build a car rental website

You should use Google tools as well.

1. Use the Google search console. Click here to create an account.

2. Track your website traffic using Google analytics and let Google know. Click here to create an account.

3. Create a Google my business account (this is very important, your local business will be on the first page of Google). In this way, people will see your website when they search for "car rental" or "rent a car" words.

Click to create an account.

You can use the site booster application. The site booster app will automatically add your business to the major search engines' maps and guides.

How to build a car rental website

It's that easy to create a car rental website with Wix. You can click here to subscribe to Wix. Or you can click on the visual.

Car rental website builder

How much is the Wix premium?

How much is the Wix premium?

For detailed information on creating a website with Wix ADI, you can watch this video of WIX CEO Avishai Abrahami.

If you want to ask a question about creating a car rental website, you can contact me by clicking here.

Please remember, creating your website is like cultivating your plant.

This is your website;

How to build a car rental website

Original content + social media usage + use of Google tools = water

How to build a car rental website

Good luck.

Emre Ata certified Wix expert and webmaster

Emre Ata Wix expert

How to make car rental website? Car rental website builder

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Services are of great importance to all representatives and subsidiaries of the sector. For these, you can check the Wix App store section from your site editor.How to make a car rental internet page, how to make car sales site prices, car sales site? Car gallery internet page, is the corporate website made good? You can learn the answer to these questions by watching your related video. Creating a web page with Wix is ​​quite easy. drag and drop method, you can add a domain in the form of www.Sitename.Com instantly by purchasing the Wix Premium package after 1 hour by modifying single images and texts.

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