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How to make a website for online marketing? Website builder for online business

How to make a website for online marketing?

Hello, do you need a website for online marketing? For your small business, you are in the right place to make a online store. People in this situation usually search in the form of web design. But you can design your own website with drag and drop. How to make a website? E-commerce website builder here, Enter the internet marketing with Wix! How to make a online store step by step with pictures. In this article, how is an online store SEO set up? And we will learn how to add products to the online store. On our planet, people from every country are moving their businesses to the internet. Because now people are shopping on the internet. Do not be late anymore to get involved in this wonderful industry where millions of shoppers are shopping every month.

All you need to do is create an SEO friendly website with Wix. Wix website templates are compatible with Seo and Google. All you need to do is choose the website templates that best suits you.

How to create a website for online marketing with Wix? And how to do online marketing?

First, you should determine which sector your website should be for or what service it should be for. After you have made this selection, the following are the ways you should follow.

1. You need a nice website name. Remember Google does not like domains that have a very long and dotted sign between them. So you need to set a short and clear domain name. Take a word about your business sector in your domain.

2. Subscribe to Wix, then follow the steps to create a website in 2 ways.

These methods are Wix ADI (website creation with Wix artificial intelligence) and Wix website editor.

Wix ADI is the most preferred Wix website creation method in the past year. It is simple and easy to use.

When using Wix ADI, you will be asked to,

A logo for your website

Your website contact address

Your website's social media accounts

Your website e-mail address.

After you add this information step by step, Wix ADI automatically creates and offers you the best website options for you. After this step, you can easily create your website by following the steps. Maybe you are looking for. But you can make your own website with easy steps!

please follow these steps;

We should add to our website in complete form the content of our online store;

These parts are very important. You should write original and informative articles about your products and services. And these articles should contain at least one keyword.

The other option is to create a website with Wix editor. This editor module is like a classic webmaster control. You need to create all the pages and information with your own hands. But WiX has hundreds of ready-to-use web site references. All you need to do is to select and customize the website templates you like.

Carefully follow these steps to create an online store with Wix editor

Just as with online store creation with Wix ADI, add your products to your store application with unique and unique text.

What are the main topics that you need to find on your website?

1. Website homepage

2. Website categories (these categories may be related to your services, your virtual store, information about your products, or your previous work).

3. Terms of use and privacy policy page (this is very necessary for Google and other search engines to value your website).

4. Which categories are relevant to which sector of your website, the most searched words on Google about that sector, and categories?

You have 2 options to identify these keywords.

1. You can use the Google AdWords keyword planner. ( Click here learn to use the Google AdWords keyword planner )

2. You can look at keywords search rates on Google.

When you have completed these items, your website frame is ready.

Now the most important points;

1. Website content

Now all the small business owners, artists, writers, musicians, personalized websites and virtual shops are established all over the world.

I want to give an example;

Your website has been activated as a online store. You have completed all the settings with Wix Seo Wizard but do not get traffic to your website? What should we do to get visitors from Google to your website?

First of all, we understand what sector is relevant to our website.

Open up Google and do a research on your own business.

For example, our website is a car rental site?

Let's do a search for a rental car in Google Houston. And let's examine the results. In the results, you will see the most valuable articles on Google rankings. In the top 3, there are paid Google ads.

Let's go to the bottom of the page and learn what words are being searched in the locality that you are related to.

This point is very important!

Note the most used search terms on Google.

If you want to do more research, create a Google Adwords account. Using keyword planner, learn the most searched words related to your business and the monthly search volumes of those words.

Create original articles to your website with the most searched word headings.

Now we have reached the other important point.

How to create original and SEO compliant article for online marketing website?

In the simplest way, first put the keyword in the article at least 3 or 4 times. Be sure to include the keyword in the article title.

For example, how did you come to this webpage?

And you are reading this article, because this article is related to web site design, and it is related.

So, you need to write important keywords in article title and article. Remember, the article you'll write should definitely relate to the keyword.

Here are some important rules for making a Google article worth seeing and appearing on the first pages.

1. The article must be original, stay away from spam, copy and paste.

2. Make a minimum of 300 words, maximum 2000 words and contain clear information.

3. Essential keywords should be written in the article.

4. In the article, you need to attach a video to the pictures in a relaxed way.

5. Share your pages on your social media accounts that you created for your website. The number of followers is not important. You should share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Vkontakte, Google Plus, Pinterest and many social media accounts. In this way, your essay will reach out to people and you will be doing social media.

Social media signals will enable search engines to value your website and your essay.

If possible, record a short video about the article you have written and published it on platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. In the description section of the video, add the website extension of the article you wrote.

6. Create a Google My Business account ( Click here ) and actively use it. Enter your website details and use your pin code to send to you by mail. Once your page is approved, share all of your content from your Google My Business account. This way your website will be valued on Google.

7. Use the application named '' Site Booster '' in the WiX app store. This way your website will gain natural backlinks.

8. Edit your website with Wix Seo Wizard. And be sure to link to the Google search console.

9. Learn to use the Google search console, the most important is "fetch as Google" "Whenever you add a new page to your site, or whenever you write a new article, send the link to this newly added page to Google once you publish your site.

As a result, if you want to create a website that is relevant to online marketing, just follow these steps.

Now you know, how to do online marketing, digital marketing, online marketing business, website marketing, how to start internet marketing from home online, marketing business plan, how to start an online marketing business and online store SEO settings.

Remember, Google and other search engines value the original content. All of Wix's website templates are compatible with Google. Online store, eCommerce site and personal website, you can choose Wix for a company website.

You can send me an e-mail when you need support.

Please remember this when creating an online store.

1. This is your online store website

2. Original articles you prepared for these products and products.

3. Share these products and articles on the internet using the methods I tell you. (Social media acconts & Web tools)

In this way your online store will spread on internet.

4. As a result. Visitors will come to your website is organic.

Please do not forget! Creating a successful website is like plant growing!

Best regards

Emre Ata certified Wix specialist and webmaster

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