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Why is the Wix company the number one website builder on our planet?

Why is the Wix company the number one website builder on our planet? Greetings, Today, the rise of the Wix company has reached the highest level. Thousands of employees have great efforts in this success. But the superheroes with the biggest share are the founders of the company. They are the founders of the company, working to ensure the development of the company every day, reading hundreds of e-mails per day, leading the development of web tools that will contribute more to human beings, namely internet workers, and enable them to develop their business. The value of the Wix company has reached $ 10 billion today. The stock value exceeded $200. Mr. Avishai Abrahami, CEO of Wix company, shared the reasons for this success with Jim Cramer in the Mad Money program broadcast on CNBC.

Why is the Wix company the number one website builder on our planet?



'' Ltd. is an Israeli software company, providing cloud-based web development services. It allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools. ''

The Wix company offered small business owners and people who need to create a website on the entire planet at a very affordable price. While many companies are panicking on the US stock exchanges, Wix company chose to be with its users. Many small business owners had to close their workplaces because of the coronavirus situation. In this process, people started to buy everything online within 1.5 months. This situation caused internet entrepreneurs to integrate into the internet environment. Meanwhile, Wix started to offer many applications to entrepreneurs at a discount. Many eCommerce companies or entrepreneurs were trading with China, but many of them had to close shutters when the virus appeared. When this situation started to happen, the entrepreneurs who tried to buy goods from abroad and sell them in their own country started turning to Google and Wix to make a profit and earn money.

Wix company the number one website builder on planet

Yes, the Wix company is worth $ 10 billion today. So why? Because the Wix company does the following;

Wix focused on small biz

1. Wix company offers small business owners a great website and online store creation opportunities. And it transfers this service to people at the most affordable price on the planet. 2. It offers an SEO Wizard application that will help small business owners to upgrade their websites on Google for free. Users create great business websites compatible with Google and SEO thanks to this program. 3. Provides 24/7 customer support to 171 million users in more than 180 countries. 4. Wix Company develops a different application every month according to user needs. 5. Wix company offers all the tools with only one payment package for people who want to create hundreds of business sectors or websites.

And the bonus: Company leaders always value their employees;

Why is the Wix company the number one website builder on our planet

That's why 3.2 million new users joined the Wix company recently. Every 2.5 seconds on the planet, a person creates a website with Wix. As a result Wix supports people = People join the Wix system = Investors see this situation and invest in the Wix company.

That's why Wix is the #1 website builder on the planet. If you are a web entrepreneur, try Wix now for free to use these great web tools.

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