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How to create a website for a restaurant?

How to create a website for a restaurant?

Hello, small business owners who are dealing with restaurant business have prepared this article for you. With the Wix website builder you can have a nice and Google-friendly website for your restaurant on the minute.

First of all, we must have the following before creating a website for the restaurant.

1. A company logo for our restaurant

2. You should choose a domain name for your website.

3. You must select the website template as a subscriber to the Wix website creator. You can use another website builder if you do not want to. But Wix is a company with 131 million users worldwide.

4. We must create the necessary articles for website pages.

5. We must subscribe to Google My Business.

6. We should learn to use Google Adwords.

Now let's learn how to create a website for a restaurant.

Follow these steps in the order you see in the image.

And your restaurant website is now ready.

After this step, all you need to do is make your website seo settings.

As you can see visually in the Wix page SEO settings section you must fill in the required details completely.


After this step, we need to do a few things that will affect our ranking on Google.

1. Add the Wix blog application to your website.

2. Make your restaurant informative about the variety of dishes you have presented to people.

* Pass your name and company name in these articles. The city where the restaurant is located is very important. So make sure you mention the name of the city where the restaurant is located.

* Make sure there are a few photos or videos about the restaurant.

How to make SEO settings Wix restaurant website?

All you need to do is run the Wix SEO Wizard application and complete the settings shown to you.

It's that easy to create a restaurant website with the Wix website builder.

How to subscribe to Google My Business? Click here!

My business is very important to create a Google account. Because when people search for a restaurant they will search it first on Google. And, to the Google my business account, your restaurant may appear on the first page. This situation will cause customers to come into your restaurant.

How to learn to use Google Adwords? Click here!

Using Google Adwords, you can take your business to the first page in Google. All you need to do is create an account and publish an ad.

How much is Wix prices? Click here and try it for free!

How to create a website in 15 seconds? Meet Wix ADI!

Editor's note:

Please do not forget;

Making a website is like growing a plant.

This is your website

These are your original articles and content

When you apply what you learn on this article, you'll grow up on Google every day.

And as a reward your website will come to your organic visitor.

Good luck.

Emre Ata Certified Wix Expert and webmaster

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