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How to make a website for free?

How to make a website for free?

Hello, everyone wants to get the best quality free website. There are quality website builders around the world. I recommend you the Wix website builder. Why Wix? Does Wix really give you a free website? I'll tell you how to create a free website.

First, you have to be a Wix subscriber, then you have 2 options to how to create a website for free?

Yes, today's question; how to create a website for free?

Millions of people around the world are curious about the answer to this question. Which one is the best website builder?

Now, before we start making free websites, there is something we should be able to determine. First of all, I want you to think about it. Are you ready to own a successful website?

One thing to be sure, building a successful website is like growing a plant. If you bring up nature well and feed it, nature gives you oxygen, gives you fruit and rewards you. If you bring up nature badly and leave it alone and without giving water, it will go away.

Now we can start learning! How to make a website for free?

First, of all, you should know that your goal is to have just one web page, to build a free website is very easy with Wix ADI. You can edit your website using professional and SEO friendly website templates. You can add articles and photos to your website. Completely free. But if your goal is to create a website that receives traffic and visitors from Google and other search engines, then the option of creating a free website is not for you.

Because Wix and similar website builders offer free services, they give you their own domain URLs.

So you will have a URL like this; I

Yes, I had to give you this information before I started learning how to create a free website. If you want to have a website with these terms, you can click here to subscribe to Wix.

What do we need now? Do not forget the first example! Creating a website is similar to growing a plant.

How to make a website for free?

1. Wix ADI (Wix artificial intelligence application)

With this application, you can create free websites. What you need to do is follow the steps. Wix ADI will ask you for it.

* Website name

* Website sector * contact address and map address * logo for your business or your website

Once you have added important information like these step by step, the Wix ADI application will automatically create the most suitable and SEO friendly free website options for you. All you need to do is create your website with drag and drop, add images, and create page categories.

How to make a website for free

2. Create a website with Wix editor

Wix website editor

Wix asks you to choose one of the user-friendly website options for you. Remember, the SEO friendly website templates in Wix are designed to be Google and search engine compatible.

Wix editor provides a website prepared for you while creating a ready website.

You can customize this website as you like. These are the ages you do;

* Customize the images and videos of your website template with the drag and drop method. You need to add original photos and videos related to your business or industry to your new site.

* You need to specify categories relevant to your industry and your website.

* Create a nice logo and add it to the head section of your site.

* Make absolutely a blog page. In this way, you can write articles in relevant categories with your website. By following these steps, you can attract visitors from other Google search engines.

* Make sure your home page includes your address information and contact number, country name and e-mail address.

These 2 methods are the basis for creating free websites.

Wix gives you the opportunity to create completely free websites.

After you finish editing your website template, Wix will give you a URL.

This URL will be

create a free website

You can add this URL to your social media accounts and share it on any platform you like.

But to create an active website you need to buy a unique domain. And to connect this domain to your Wix site, you must buy a Wix Premium package.

Remember, Wix offers you the opportunity to create free websites. But in order to be a professional website owner, you should buy domain and hosting.

With Wix, you can create a personal or e-commerce website for every sector and every business.

When you buy a Wix premium package, Wix presents you gifts.

1-year free domain and $ 100 Google AdWords coupon gift will be available.

Other website-generating systems charge you the same amount. 129 million people worldwide use Wix. Because Wix gives you domain, hosting and many applications without extra money.

You can create an e-commerce site with Wix, you can create a personal website with Wix. These little tips will help you to create an SEO-friendly website. (Absolutely fit!)

1. Be sure to add your website to Google My Business and Google Maps. Because if you do this, your website may get a lot of visitors. It does not matter whether you are on the web in the United States or Britain or Brazil.

2. Create a blog for your website. Explore the Google AdWords keyword planner or search for keywords relevant to your industry on Google. And write original articles related to these keywords. The articles must be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 2100 words. Remember, the more unique content you have, the more visitors you have.

3. Do not forget to add alt tags to photos and videos on your website. So write down the names of the images on your website. Remember, most people use Google image search when they search on Google.

4. Share all the pages and blog posts on your website in your social media accounts. This will be social media and Google will value your website.

5. Once you have completed your website, be sure to use the Wix SEO Wizard application. And complete your missing. The Wix SEO Wizard application will scan your whole website and will show you the missing parts for SEO.

6. Use the Wix Site Booster application. (this application is free to you for 1 month) This application will automatically save your website in the search engine maps and business parts.

7. Add videos to your website and share them on YouTube. (Natural backlink)

8. Create an account on all social media platforms for your website and share all of your pages in these social media accounts. Please remember, Wix offers you the best prices. You can pay your website fee on a monthly basis. You can pay between $ 4 and $ 17 monthly if you want.

wix premium pricing

As a 7 year experienced SEO specialist, I recommend you to use Wix. Do not forget, keep away from spam or copy and paste content. By taking some time and effort, you can prepare beautiful articles with your own words.

Now ask yourself right now; Where did you come from this article?

Answer is;

You have reached this article by searching for 20% social media, 80% Google or any search engine. Because this article and this website was created with Wix and was prepared by applying the SEO clues I told you above. After subscribing by clicking on the Wix image, you can ask me any questions you want. Preparing Emre Ata SEO expert and certified Wix expert

Emre Ata Wix

How to make a website for free

Best regards

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