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How to make a website for photographers?

How to make a website for photographers?

You are a photographer, or a professional studio owner, who knows how to deal with photography as a hobby, and you need a website. If you want to buy a beautiful and practical web site to show your work, photos, you are in the right place. Every photographer on Google performs searches such as photographer website template, photography related internet pages, photoblog sites, and best photo sharing sites. With Wix, you can easily accomplish this through ready-made website templates. How much does the photographer website cost?

How to make a website for photographers

How to make a website for photographers?

First of all, what you need to do is to prepare your computer in such a way that all your work can be found on the web, and adding subtags is the first thing you should do. What is the bottom label? The bottom tag is a method used by a visual image file to allow Google, Yandex, and Bing to better analyze your visuals of worldwide search engines in a similar way. Most commonly, your name is your photograph. By convention, you name a single photo file, simply a photo frame. This is a nice method, but by adding a sub-tag you can get relevant photos from Google on the relevant keyword. How will you do that? Here's the most practical way to find your photos in search engines like Google, in visual search;

1. Right-click your photo with the mouse and point to Properties,

2. In the Properties section, click on Details,

3. Fill in the details with the relevant keywords if they are relevant to your photo and click Apply. Yes, it's done! Apply this to all the images you will add to your website. This increases your chances of getting first rankings on relevant keywords in Google visual searches. Remember, Google hugs a quality website with low-dimensional images. So if you add your photos to your website in 6 or 50 MB size, when the user enters the website , Your website will increase in opening time. This position may cause you to fall prey to Google's secret. Therefore, definitely set your images in PNG or Jpeg format. Now, is the website for photographers done well? First of all, to set up a photographer's web page with Wix, please subscribe for free within 30 seconds by clicking on the picture named '' START '' at the end of this article on The steps you will follow;

1. Subscribe to Wix

2. Select the appropriate sector for you on the screen to be opened (Photo)

3. Select the website theme you like and click on the 'EDIT' section.

4. Click on Save site after editing the website template for SEO compatible photographers you have selected.

5. You need to have a domain name for your website, which is given as a 1-year free domain gift in Wix unlimited package. Specify a domain address in the form of, and in the last part, connect to your domain by upgrading your website to "Premium package". The process is complete!

How much are the website prices for the photographers? The benefits of Wix are:

1. Since Wix is ​​Google partner, your website is worth having original content.

2. Wix works with the most experienced website designers in the world and presents these ready-made websites to its users.

3. With the Wix Seo Wizard application, you can perform a scan after completing your website and see your missing things with your eyes. You will make corrections in this way so that your site will be ranked on Google.

4. With the help of 14 day trial period, if you are dissatisfied with your website you can get money! I give you some data to understand how much you value Wix with artists, designers, and photographers, and Wix has bought 400 million dollars worth of his famous deviantART site. What is the premium package? The Wix premium package includes hosting, domain, bandwidth and much more. In fact, when you create an internet page with Wix, you do not pay money in addition to different things.

How to make a website for photographers
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