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How to make Wix website?

How to make Wix website ?

The most practical and fastest way to set up a web site comes with Wix. You can receive your website automatically, which automatically adapts to the Google algorithm system with the most appropriate budget and monthly payment yearly payment options. Website prices 2018, everything about our e-commerce site prices. Is the website good? If you are looking for the answer to the question, you can get instant data with video narration option.

How to make Wix website

You have done research on the web about setting up a website and you may be very familiar with it. The important thing is that your website is Google and SEO compliant. If you have a website that is compatible with the Google algorithm system, you will be in the foreground in order to ensure that your target audience can reach your website. What needs to be careful to set up an SEO compatible website?

1. You should get a domain (domain name) related to the business that you have brought to the square, where your keychain is passed.

2. You should work with Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, an internet page builder that works similarly with search engines and automatically gets every innovation and update to your website. (Wix lets you do this for the slightest amount of time, so you will not get extra money for surprise updates.)

3. The most important thing for an internet page is the unique and satisfying content. Whether you are a website, e-commerce site, or a decent website, you should equip your website with articles that contain a minimum of 3 keywords related to the subject, such as business, products, services you have provided, You can achieve this with the Wix Blog option.

4. After submitting your Web site to Wix via Wix, you can contact the certified Wix trainer and webmaster Emre Ata via the postal form. When your website is set up, you should definitely watch out for SEO words and subtitles, add subtitles no matter what your photos and videos are, and give information about the content.

5. Open your social media accounts and share each page of your website from all of your accounts. Do not forget how much current content and sharing means so many unique hit assists.

6. Use the Wix Seo Wizard application to monitor your website after the installation of your website is complete. With this program, you can see and fix SEO tips of your own website instantly.Our target as Wix team is to create your website by using the most simple way, ready internet page templates that you set up in Wix website.


If you join the Wix family by clicking on the image at the end of this article on, you can earn an extra discount.Remember, we have 14 days trial period, if you are not satisfied during this time, your money will be refunded. You pay your website in the form of a monthly salary, not a single credit card.If you want to create an e-commerce site, you can purchase the Wix E-commerce package,

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How to make Wix website
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